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Fashion: Topsy Turvy

The Desert beauty of Palm Springs meets modern style in this spread of colors, conventions and style.

Street Style: Portland

Bring on the colors even as it pours outside, for summer is just around the corner and it’s mighty time you show your personal style from spring to fall.

Menswear Dog

Meet Bodhi, the internet’s best dressed dog. He has commendable manners and an impeccable dresser, what’s more is he is loved by the ladies... You need him to show you how to be a proper gentleman.

Stones & Metals

Light summer fashion with solid jewelry elements.

Streetstyle TAIPEI

Streetstyle Photos from the busy streets of Taipei where women's individuality and style truly shines.

Tools at Hand

A fashion feature with nail art, creative tools and a splash of color.

Streetstyle NYC

Streetstyle Photos from the streets of Brooklyn, Manhattan and other hot spots in NYC

Bi-Coastal Style

Whether you're relaxing in the west coast or hustling in the east coast, we've got your looks down. Styles for all sorts of fun this and next season.

Massive + Opening Ceremony

Bear lovers rejoice, Asian Bear Lovers? Hooray! A clothing line with a political statement? Perhaps. There's no denying these designs are hot.

Food Inspired

Nature inspires this food related fashion spread. Photos by Jeremy Joven, styled by Jenny Ton & Adela de la Cerda

Women of Paul's Hats

These ladies make classically inspired and stylishly designed hats.

Inappropriately Dressed

Vintage Fashions shot at the most unlikely places in San Francisco's Mission District.

Gents of Style

A profile on the styling firms' philosophy of affordable fashion for men & women.

Retrofit Republic

feature on the dynamic duo of Retrofit Republic, an eco-conscious, locally ran styling company for the 'vintagely' inclined.

Fashion for Good

A glimpse of one of San Francisco’s oldest female philanthropic societies using fashion for good.

Mad About Print

Archive | From our Asterisk SF Style Issue- Summer Looks are all about prints. Gorgeous styles from local designers and more. Check out the spreads. Photographed by Jayson Dew.

Get Holiday Ready

Get Holiday Ready with styling by Sui Generis and Jungle Red.


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