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Food Inspired Photo Spread | Ingredients Issue

Food Inspired

Hair & Makeup Fashion Spread inspired by Food

Jeremy Joven Editor in Chief

by Jeremy Joven
Published July 2014 | The Ingredients Issue

Beauty is found in nature’s bounty wherever you look. When looking for inspiration - all you need to do is browse the farmers market. From the fractal form of Romanesco, to the sensual deep colors of Red Kale, or the vibrance of a ripening Mango, this beauty spread is inspired by food.

Art Director - Jeremy Joven & Alexander Winter
Photographer - Jeremy Joven
Styling - Jenny Ton, Co-founder of Retrofit Republic
Makeup - Adela de la Cerda
Hair Design - Martha Andrade
Kloe - Stars Models Food Inspired Photo Spread | Cauliflower Gown

Food Inspired Photo Spread | Kale

Food Inspired Photo Spread | Mango and Squash

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