SURVEY | Hoods Issue One | Tenderloin
We've got a new bookazine in the works and it's going to be AHHH-MAZING.
It is a tribute to wonderful neighborhoods and the people that make it a community, we're calling it... ASTERISK HOODS.

HOODS | Issue One: Tenderloin. Now in the works! Take our survey about the neighborhood.

We couldn't be more excited to cover the TL, our current HQ Home. The neighborhood (TL) has an unsavory reputation to many residents in the city, but to many of us, it is a jewel full of characters, delightful experiences, and a community of welcoming diversity, not to mention a foodie destination! We want to know what you LOVE about the Tenderloin. Take our survey to help us pick the places to write about - voted by YOU!

You do not have to be a resident of the TL to love it, so all are welcome!

After filling out the survey you will get a confirmation email from @prntdink please confirm to get your vote to count! One vote per person only please!