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A Thriving Niche in The Paper Medium
The bold new world of publishing requires a new thinking fit for an intellectually-inclined-millenial readership. The New Asterisk is a multi-publication house up to the task with culturally diverse content in short and long forms. In an array of artistic approaches that resonate with the web generation.

Our curation is a mirror of today. The New Asterisk is experimental, challenges the status quo, and promotes social awareness in an impeccable way - making it a magazine sought after by art enthusiasts, activists, young entrepreneurs, and culture aficionados.

The Golden Ratio
What sets us apart isn't just our content and design, it is in the heart of what we do. Our coverage does not focus on trends, our content is evergreen, and our voice is crisp and powerful. We believe that fluff has it's place in culture, and we honor that by mixing content with intellectual, scientific, and philosophical subjects to fully enrich our collective minds.

To do that, we hold true to our ratio of 20/80. Advertising on our pages never exceeds 20% of the bigger share of content. All ads are facing front so we can get the messaging out of the way.

We believe that we are vehicles of knowledge, and have a discerning eye in approving sponsorship partners, in print and in our real-world events. If you are interested in sponsoring our endeavor, please contact us!

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