About The New Asterisk
Who we are
San Francisco inspires the new asterisk from cover to cover. Like the diverse districts of SF, the magazine represents a multicultural, dynamic community of writers, photographers, and storytellers, from locals in the Mission District to journalists from around the globe.

We seek great experiences, we believe everyone has a fascinating story to tell, we adore art and design, we believe in building community, depth and meaning is important to us, and we believe that by positively contributing to the dialogue, we help shape a culture that is as sustainable, diverse, free-spirited, and as beautiful as San Francisco.

The New Asterisk Team
Jeremy Joven | Chief Editor, Co-Publisher
Alexander Winter | Managing Editor, Co-Publisher
Regular Contributors
Rachel Cassandra | Eva Recinos | Geoffrey Langston Scott | Taya Varnichpun

Our Products
The New Asterisk is our Bi-Annual Bookazine with over 140 pages of Art & Culture in the most beautifully designed, impeccably printed, and skillfully crafted package. With each issue, we explore our departments on Art, Culture, Style, Food, Travel and Community with an all encompassing word as our theme.

TNA Hoods is our new quarterly publication, focusing on a unique Bay Area district with each issue. This bookazine is a photo exploration with a number of inspiring articles on the extraordinary residents of each community.

TNA Leaf is our one page magazine, a perfect quick read with a bonus Art Poster! This folded leaflet contains an article on the featured artist who's work is the back poster, a restaurant article and a local business feature. Published Bi-monthly.