The New Asterisk
Original Weekly Web Content

DECIBELS / SEASON 1 (Wednesdays)

Decibels uses sound as a paint brush to reveal the vibrancy of common places hidden in plain sight. Being aware, being quiet, and just being transforms cacophonous monotony into symphonic relationships.

FLANEUR / SEASON 1 (Mondays)

The flâneur employs a paradigm of romance - one gracefully tuned in to the life and flow of the urban form. 3 Global Destinations, explored with no aim and no agenda. LONDON // SAN FRANCISCO // NEW YORK CITY.

PATTERNS / SEASON 1 (Tuesdays)

Patterns is an ever growing essay on the patterns of our cultures, psyche, community and being. Explore the patterns with our contributors Alexander Winter & Nathan Ardaiz.

ONReview / SEASON 1 (Thursdays)

OnReview is a weekly program with various interests. BOOKS / BITES / EVENTS are reviewed every week.


Creative Minute is a weekly video series revolving around Creativity; a source inspirations, struggles, triumphs, and the art of living a creative life.


Each Department Tab brings a host of articles that differ in topics but are rooted in the same exploration of culture. For instance, the Arts Tab holds articles on artists, galleries, art theory and music, while the Features Tabs holds global affairs, culturally relevant news analysis, and special features on people. Browse gleefully, and rememeber, the latest content will always be on top of each page!