Season One

Episode 6: Perspective - 9/11, Kakigori...

February 10 | A thought-provoking essay on Perspective and the state of our world at war anchored in one's cultural realities.

Episode 5: Mistletoe, Changing Seasons, ..

December 9 | Exploring the patterns oF holiday breakups and how we view changing seasons and commitments

Episode 4: Distraction, Enchantment & Gossip

December 2 | Exploring the patterns of fear mongering in a time of crisis via distraction, enchanment or gossip.

Episode 3: Visibility & Empathy

November 18 | Exploring the patterns of our fear of the invisible and what happens when knowledge takes over.

Episode 2: Ringing Bells, the Human Animal & Big Data

November 11 | An inquisitve essay on ignorance and the use of data to make sense of our nonsensical world

Episode 1: Ice Cream, A Phantom Limb, And The Government

November 4 | We dive into the relationship between loss and our perception of the mental construct of government.


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