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Seeking Writers, Hobbyists, Artists and Creatives to Write Quips

Here are at Asterisk, we are often approached by established and aspiring writers wanting to contribute stories to be published in our bi-monthly print publication and more often than not, these great ideas go to waste due to restrictions within our working issue's theme. Those days are about to end.

We are launching an Online Edition—where our collective creativity can shine, a place where ideas are limitless and the platform is dynamic and continually inspiring. This is not a novel idea, but a powerful one. As an established print culture magazine—we can harness the power of our readership beyond longform articles and offer an alternative to the click-bait world of internet journalism today.

"Exploring Global Culture through San Franciscan Sensibilities"
Our vision is to create and share culturally relevant ideas and insights from around the world. San Francisco—our home—has a history of living life beyond predefined norms with critical thinking and protesting established rules whenever they were humanly unjustifiable, all while minding the big picture for a meaningful life and a sustainable future of human civilization.

Let's build a wealth of online inspiration together—covering all aspects of art, all facets of design and fashion, the wonderfully eccentric world of small businesses, tidbits of our personal explorations around the globe, discussing technologies and environmental affairs, and voice out political issues in a San Franciscan fashion. Don't just write about something, enlighten us with the cultural implications and relevance of your subject!

Let's put your ideas to work and publish your words, imagery, works online!

Below are specifications and pitching information:

  • Article length - 200 words minimum. 600 maximum.
  • Each article must be accompanied by imagery (photography/illustration) provided by author or sourced with editorial team.
  • The works must not be a self promotional piece. (Submit stories via contact form to be the subject of an article.)
  • Articles are originally produced by you. No plagiarised content, duplicate stories.
  • Articles must not defame ones character. 
  • No "Opinion" pieces are allowed unless the author is a subject matter expert of said topic, with verification by editors.
  • All articles must be written in third person narration, unless it is a personal story that befits the subject.
Sample Pitch 1:
Subject: The Changing Skyline of San Francisco
Category: Affairs
Story: I would like to write an architectural exploration of the changing skyline by including future projects, architects quotes, and illustrations showcasing the change.

Sample Pitch 2:
Subject: Valencia Street's Newest Parklet
Category: Design
Story: My good friend is designing the new parklet on Valencia and we thought it would make a great story to tell, from sketches, contruction materials sourced from junkyards and the whole design aesthetic sweeping the streets of the Mission.

Sample Pitch 3:
Subject: First Burrito Shop opening in Budapest
Category: Food
Story: Burritos have made their way to Eastern Europe! We'd love to talk about the shop, its origin, the significance of this particular food movement in Eastern Europe and just the fun of having Burritos available! Woohoo! 

Sample Pitch 4:
Subject: Rant about Bikers' Etiquette
Category: Culture/Behavioral
Story: I am both a cyclist and an urban driver, and know the pitfalls of being both on the road. I would like to write a short piece giving perspective to the traffic issues and accidents that keep happening in the never ending struggle of public transportation sharing with bike commuters and cars.

Ready to pitch? Click here.

Remember, commercial promotions are not accepted. If you're looking to do an advertorial, the best way to get it published is getting in touch with our editors. contact us!


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