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The New Asterisk Returns

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Post by Jeremy Joven
July 02, 2018

It has been roughly one year, eleven months, and twenty days since our last issue came out. Excitement was in the air despite the challenges facing print media. Our creative cohorts were all jazzed to get started on the next issue as we prepared for our first Live Magazine event later in June of 2016. The New Asterisk team was brimming with joy as we put together an immersive live art event, bringing our pages, stories, imagery, and journey to life. To me, it was revolutionary. Sharing the impactful stories of creatives, dreamers, small business owners, and ordinary people in a span of 6 hours at the fantastic space of SOMArts was a dream. We raised a little over $800 for our non-profit partner, the Tenderloin Housing Clinic, though small, we hoped to bring all that we learned with our first event to new heights as we forge on.

Life can be surprising when you're not standing on solid ground. Our Distirbutor for national and international newsstands filed for bankruptcy, and hundreds of magazine titles were faced with new realities in an already unforgiving market. We had to rethink how to move forward. Our advertising revenue is low, though our subscriptions were growing steadily, it wasn't enough to keep up with the print cost, let alone paying our creative partners the rates they deserve. In an already disruptive year, the 2016 election came to a close, shocking many of us. Our issue set for November release with a Happiness theme, suddenly felt very poorly timed.

2017 rolled by, with new challenges every minute so it seemed, and we were all battling larger more important battles in an endless barrage of negativity. At some point, we realized, we need to remind people what they are fighting for. That we as a culture, are stronger than this. That we, as a country, have immense compassion, for our friends, our family, our neighbors, and those we have yet to meet.

We're returning to tell your stories. To share your thoughts, to be your respite in these increasingly divisive times. Let's create a little pocket of joy, and together we'll forge a future where everyone can be happy, to keep on keeping on. Art is the brightest tool against injustice, and we're here to make sure you have a platform.

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