Etiquette Issue
An exploration of new culture rules on etiquette fit for a new generation. Topics from tech, travel, bar and future etiquette, features on Menswear Dog, FlaskMob, artist Erin Mitchell and Salvador, Brazil.
Articles from this issue:
Don't Be Like That
Photo Essay | A visual exploration of culturally inappropriate faux pas through popular cartoon character illustration art.
What does it mean to defy social norms for artistic expression?
Artist Spotlight: Erin Mitchell
Though she does not work directly with digital materials, San Francisco-based artist Erin Mitchell very directly references the effect of technology on art—specifically the perception of light and color.
Color Inspiration - Pink Terra cotta
A collection of design and home decor objects inspired by the color pink terracotta.
Bar Etiquette
How to have an appropriate and respectful interaction with the people who make sure you have a refreshing and perfect drink when you really need it after a long day of work.
Explore: Salvador Brazil
The enchanting and vibrant city of Salvador is packed with a tricky colonial history and with the warm attitude of the people who love to celebrate life.
Travel Etiquette
The dos and don'ts of respectful behavior when journeying the world.
Yeah sure, throw a birthday party with 20 people and split the check evenly, and spoil all my Walking Dead for me.
Future Etiquette
Behavioral norms change constantly, especially amidst exponential technological development. What happens if we try to think the changed from just the last few years through and project their potential onto the future?
New Rules Of Engagement
Be cordial, follow the Golden Rule, and be aware. Issues of privacy, technology, and personal interests.
Flask Mobs | Millennials Redefine Nightlife
A trend among Millennials is emerging to reshape what nightlife can be. These flaskmobs offer an alternative to the usual nightlife with a focus on creativity and fun.
Etiquette in Neverland
We found various cultural etiquette idiosyncrasies from around the world.
Street Style: Portland
It is not all lumbersexuals on the streets of Portland as one might imagine.
Menswear Dog
If I were a dog, I’d want to be Bodhi, the internet’s most handsome Shiba Inu.
Stones and Metal
Jewelry by designer Solee Darrell.