Appearance Issue
Appearance Issue is a whole new take on style-centric magazines with important issues discussed through appearances.
Articles from this issue:
Wired Beauty
Kristine weaves metal wires in to an astounding mesh of wired beauty.
Queerness & Visibility
The fantastic Lena Waithe has a conversation with us regarding her takes on media, queerness and visibility.
The Right Moment
A photo essay by Andre L. Perry
Art Not Ads
The project Art City focuses on the spaces normally reserved for ads and looks to replace those glossy images with art.
Augmented Realities
We are all cyborgs. We all rely on some form of technology to help us better see the world. Whether it is through the camera on a mobile device or eyeglasses and contact lenses, technology has the ability to intensify our vision.
Asian Bear Shirts
Jiraiya is an artist acclaimed for his labor-intensive computer illustrations that pack a powerful one, two punch. His artwork unequivocally celebrates the beauty of Asian men, as well as those who are burly, muscle-bound, or heavyset.
Street Style: Iceland, Germany, Sweden, Great Britain
Wherever you go in Europe you will find that the Millenial generation has a look all their own, inspired by generations before, of course but assembled with its own reason.
West Coast // East Coast
Styling for Bi-Coastal, Multi-Seasonal People.
Made In Peru
Peru’s Organic Fabric Alternatives For A Sustainable World
A Distant Color
Rebuilding the Rockaway community after Hurricane Sandy.
Some people have to wear a Ramones t-shirt to express that they’re anti-assimilationist. I’m lucky because my belly does that work for me.
Mixed America
The past, present and the future of a mixed-race America.
Explore London
Explore two of London's most divergent hoods - Shoreditch and Chelsea