Problematic Issue
The world is a mess, income inequality, homelessness, tech-invasion and fracking. We explore all the problematic schemes of our culture and find potential solutions for everyone involved.
Articles from this issue:
Steven Vasquez Lopez
Get to know our featured artist Steven V. Lopez as he bares it all; his work, his upbringing and his process about his latest series - Strings Attached.
Dining Consciously
A look at how your dietary choices can positively influence your community.
The New Downtown Los Angeles
An exploration of Los Angeles’ revamped Downtown district.
Designing a New Cape Town
Exploring Cape Town’s new and upcoming Woodstock neighborhood.
A collection of first world problem tweets from around the world.
How To Be Happy
Life Tips to get you back on track. Get your SH!T Together and be truly happy. It's easy, really!
A City of Haters
SF Forgot how to Love
Homelessness Erased
San Francisco will become the first city to end homelessness with philanthropic acts from tech.
Problem: Obsolesence
A look at a capitalistic society’s need to upgrade trade and software, while ultimately creating a great deal of waste.
Things our editors are totally digging right now: The best coconut water, cosmos, and more!
Problem Solvers
Read what the SF Supervisors plan to do about the biggest problems plaguing San Francisco today.
Tourism Trap
Visit the puzzle that is the tourist conundrum.
A Day Without Problems
A photo essay documenting a day without problems.
Fashion For Good
An exploration into the fashion and philanthropy of the Junior League of San Francisco.
Street Style: Color Play
An exploration into street style and color play during springtime in San Francisco.
Narrowing The Gaps
An exploration into the Oakland, San Francisco arts scene in Tech Boom 2.0.
Independent Publishing Woes
If you’re interested in a headache, then consider the future of publishing. Is it possible to subsist on one’s writing alone?
Voices Of The Mission
As the demographics on Mission's 24th Street change rapidly, some longtime residents wonder what will become of them, their businesses, and their neighborhood.
Nationalism In Europe
A look into the growing nationalist sentiment and political extremism in the European Union.
Giving A Frack
There are multiple potentially problematic issues with fracking, from placing stress on the surface and groundwater and contaminating underground drinking water to possibly causing stable faults to slip and unleashing earthquakes.