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Explore 6 Amazing Cities | San Francisco

Explore: Six Cities | San Francisco

Community Issue | Exploring Six Cities

Jeremy Joven Editor in Chief

by Jeremy Joven
Published February 2015 | Community Issue

When you look past the city’s history to walk its streets you will find a community of thinkers, artists, makers, and dreamers behind the beautiful Victorian houses, murals, and landmarks. Every district offers something different in this small 48 square mile city.  San Francisco’s beauty shines in celebration of its past, its future, and its present.

Dining options are not scarce in this foodie town, which is home to numerous Michelin starred restaurants. One of the joys of living in or visiting San Francisco is that you can get a meal for $5 at a hole in the wall restaurant in the Richmond district that could rival an expensive restaurant in SOMA. Get a taco at 1am or a beignet at the crack of dawn… whatever you crave, you’ll find within walking distance.

Since 2012, the city has experienced a building boom—with tall buildings popping up all over town as it prepares for the next generation of San Franciscans. Under the roads, tunnels are being dug to expand on the city’s sprawling transportation systems. As with any dense city, the problem of gentrification arises. A sky-rocketing rental market rivaling New York City’s expensive cost of living has priced out many of San Francisco’s. Still, the local community’s resourceful and relentless fight continues to find ways to stay afloat, be inclusive, and keep culture alive in the changing landscape to preserve much of San Francisco’s colorful neighborhoods that are home to many immigrants from all across the globe.

Every other day you’ll find a political group clamoring for change on the streets, voicing their opinions to further the city’s goals to make a home for “everyone.” A protest on national police brutality, a fight against local nudity ban, or a march to campaign for fair housing. An average denizen has little choice but to be active in the development of the city. Helping its community as a whole, one choice at a time. 

San Francisco’s foggy days are a vision. Even in the coldest of summers you will find a congregation of cheerful people hanging out at one of the city’s most prominent parks—Dolores Park. While downtown bustles with workers and shoppers and a never- ending horde of people surrounding the rotunda, awaiting the next trolley at Powell at any time of day; with street performers delighting everyone with music that ranges from street rappers to string quartets.

San Francisco’s architecture, preserved since the early 1800s despite modern additions to its growing skyline, encapsulates the heart of the city:  a place that values the past, the importance of arts, compassion for every being, and a never ending drive for greatness. A destination worth a lifetime of adoration.

San Francisco, CA | the new asterisk community issue

See the 6-page photo essay on San Francisco in the Print Edition.
Photos by Jeremy Joven and Alexander Winter

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