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Decibels | Episode 4: SF MoMa

SF MoMa's Long Awaited Return captured in Sound.

A Collaboration between BlueEgg Media & The New Asterisk
Published July 13, 2016


With a tempest of red confetti the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art reopened its doors and welcomed visitors from all over the world after a three-year transformation to add a ten-story expansion.

Can you hear the intake of an amazed breath or, perhaps the colour, warm red?

Our team strolled through the new SFMOMA to listen deeply to its sonic soul; discovering the tinkling of a new idea, an old friend meeting up again for the first time in years to the sound of hands whacking the newly installed Richard Serra’s steel sculpture, Sequence. What does a half million pounds of sculpture sound like inside the museum, anyway? This episode sonically captures a glimpse of varied environments. From the succulence of the growth of the museum’s vertical wall to the pathos of the photography exhibit to its architecture, design and the wealth of media arts.

Opening up your ears might just be yet another sense to entertain your experience here in the New San Francisco Museum of Modern Art...What does an open mind sound like?

We invite our listeners to send us sound and... report back on your own experience of diverse sonic landscapes. Get out your phone or audio recorder, and send us a sound, an interview, or another sonic artifact of your imagining to

dB.Decibels is a collaboration between Blue Egg Media and The New Asterisk Magazine. The team includes LN Lurie, Jeremy Joven, Alexander Winter, and Robin Gianattassio­-Malle.


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