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Apple Macbook Gold and March Event Highlights

Everything is Golden

A Recap on Apple's March 2015 Event + Product Announcement Highlights

Jeremy Joven Editor in Chief

by Jeremy Joven
Published Mar 9, 2015

Tim Cook took to the stage at Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco on March 9th at 10am to millions of eager tech consumers awaiting to hear the real deal with the highly anticipated Apple WATCH, and we got more than we bargained for. Say goodbye to a couple Gs this April because you will want to shell out for the Watch and the show-stopping 12" Macbook. Whether you want it in Spacegray, Silver, or Gold... one thing is for sure - you will never want to use a fatter computer again. This thing is absolutely gorgeous - showcasing Apple engineering at its best.

Apple 12" Macbook
Available starting at $1299 with a new Intel-Core M processor that is known to use less power allowing the multi-battery laptop to have all day battery. The speed of the Intel-Core M processor may not compare to the i-6 and i-7 processors but knowing apple, the super fast flash drives and all its internal cpu upgrades will make this machine the fastest laptop to date. Jump to the $1599 version to get a 512GB SSD and you'll be happier - or wait for all the Macbook lineup to be upgraded to this slim new future of laptops (that is if you can ignore the #macbooklust). I am so eager to try out this taptic engine trackpad and look forward to improvements that software makers will hopefully jump to (Talking to you ADOBE). Imagine brush strokes on that trackpad with touch sensitivity! 

Apple TV starting at $69

HBO Now also took the stage announcing a standalone subscription service at $14.99 with all the entertainment HBO packs in an unlimited bundle. Woohoo! Is it time to say goodbye to traditional cable? Most of us have, years ago... now it is your turn! Much to our disappointment, a new hardware for the aging APPLE TV was not announced, however, we should all rejoice that the 1080 Apple TV is now only 69$.  

Apple Watch Series

The Apple Watch blew every expectation out of the water. 18 hour battery life? No way - said everyone on the blogosphere. In reality, a heavy user would never get to that point but with some settings tweaking it should come close! Starting at 349$ for the smaller model of the Sport Watch and 399$ for the big one - it's a steal considering you'll never know how much of a difference having a smartwatch can do for you, until you got this baby on your wrist. As a former Nike Fuel user and Pebble enthusiast, I know just how much having a smartwatch seamlessly saves time and allows one to be more present in the moment. The Stainless steel models start around 549$ and the ooh-la-la Watch Edition at a starting price of 10K (Just as rumored).

Healthkit's companion ResearchKit will definitely be the big winner of all - making research easier and promising health improvements for generations to come, all done with a device in the hands of millions of users for more accurate and frequent data collection. 

So - are you ready for your life to change? The Golden Age of Apple is here.
Changing your life with every heartbeat. 

Apple's new 12" Macbook available April 10 (starting at 1299)
Apple Watch ships April 24 (Pre-order and Hands-On showcase at select Apple stores April 10)
iOS 8.2 Update now available! (Preview the Apple Watch Store prior to the Watch release!)
Apple TV pricing change to 69$ available starting today!

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