The Right Moment
By Andre L. Perry
Published Sep 2014
“My ultimate goal with photography is to be happy, and being able to work for myself while giving back to humanity, whether its teaching young kids about photography or simply creating smiles. In regards to what I would like to see, I’d love to see more images that reflect real people rather than the skinny, basic models.” Andre Luogan Perry captures moments. He left his native Philadelphia and moved to Atlanta in search of success, which to him at the time meant a well paying job, a fabulous apartment, and a nice car. Perry is 32, lives in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, and loves skateboarding and watching HGTV. His inspirations are Ben Watts and tumblr. Geared with his Canon Rebel T3i he asks his subjects if he may shadow them around the streets of the city to capture timeless moments.