Sound Off - Die Bag! Die!
An Honest to Goodness Review of Rickshaw Bag's Medium Zero
By Jeremy Joven
Published Jan 2014
In our increasingly capitalistic society, many of the day to day goods we purchase are growing more and more disposable with a shelf life that is as brief as a new iPhone refresh. 

 On the opposite side of the spectrum of this obsolescent lifestyle, I present my dilemma; My 3-year-old messenger bag. Made in San Francisco with recycled materials - truly as sustainable and local as they come - my Medium Zero Messenger Bag from Rickshaw Bagworks has been my daily companion for work and life and everything in between. I carry the damn thing everywhere... Camping, grocery shopping, meetings and dates. I love this bag. Never have I ever had a bag so versatile, and it doesn't hurt my back like backpacks from high school (eons ago). It's so very old — it shows the abuse in dirt layers. I wash it and it's like brand new again... FML. I want a new bag badly, but how could I make myself buy another one when this one still works so perfectly? No tears on the strap or the pockets... No damage in shape... no nada nothing zilch. How could anyone make a product so good that you may never actually have to buy another one unless bags become obsolete? This is a fantastic problem to have. One I cherish among the myriad of issues our modern way of life brings. This caveat in business is a nightmare, if you think of it in corporate terms. This, my friend, is the very reason I love local companies. You should too. 
A company with the right intentions from foundation sees the 'bottom line' beyond profit. They understand that quality is always appreciated; and success - though it may come slowly - is a long lasting one. 

 As per my issue with an aging bag, it's obvious to me that I am just going to have to get another one in a different color and love them equally, while knowing that I made the right decision buying something that would last me for decades. If only technology could adapt to this mentality. I do sense people are moving towards this way of thinking - like the people of Phonebloks. In the meantime, I'll keep on hunting down companies with great products that are as well-made as Rickshaw bags.
 Look at this bag - it's filthy. Die already bag! 

 Know other products made locally (wherever you live), which share the quality of this product? 
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