Light Up The Night with Pablo Designs
A Design Feature on the people behind Pablo Designs
By Jeremy Joven
Published Nov 2013
Darkness is a thing of beauty. With the right light, a space can be transformed into a work of art. Pablo Pardo, founder of Pablo Designs, believes that lighting is not just about illumination; it is also about the absence of light and how it all works together. For 20 years, his firm sought to build timeless products with sustainability in mind. Their products improve the technology as lighting technologies advances with component-based designs. This kind of thinking is a what keeps Pablo Designs at the cutting edge of lighting design. It is not simply a tool to light up a room; it beautifies a room and the objects around it. It allows you to see things “in a different light,” which Pablo and his team are experts at playing with countless possibilities for striking applications. “Whatever you can imagine now, you can do. You will see virtual-reality stuff come around the corner. Light for us is everything. It can go on furniture, walls, clothing... You can look at light and the absence of light… We are looking at every space in between, whether it’s with a vessel of light or not,” relates Pablo. The future of lighting is definitely a bright one. Pablo’s CIRCA light doubles as a phone charger with a built-in USB plug. In the future, Pablo designs envisions this to serve a broader purpose; imagine that you can download firmware updates that will allow you to control the light temperature, turn on and off on demand via smartphone, wake you up softly, or put you to sleep gradually. The possibilities are endless, and the future of lighting is just taking shape. Today, Pablo’s offerings marry elegant design with highly crafted worksmanship, producing timeless pieces that will complement any home, whether it is midcentury modern or contemporary. This spring, Pablo Designs welcomed Andrew Perkins as the firm’s lead designer. “As the lead designer, I collaborate directly with founder and creative director Pablo Pardo in the development of new products. The design credit for these new products now goes to Pablo Studio. We are a team, and Pablo embraces the idea that a company is only as good as its people,” shares Andrew. “Taking on the responsibilities of lead designer at the age of 26 was not an easy decision. When the position opened up in February of this year, there was a definite period of self-reflection and doubt over my abilities to spearhead design at a well-established and respected company. I decided to take a leap of faith and resolved myself to not only maintain the high level of design and execution, but to push the products and concepts further than before. I’m excited that I’ve successfully brought two new product families to market and that the development of products for 2014 is well underway. I hope to further establish Pablo Designs as one of the most innovative lighting companies in the world.” Visit