Night Out with Asterisk
A Night Out with the new asterisk | sponsored post
By Jeremy Joven
Published May 2014
Listen up. It's time we get to know each other. We like drinks, you like drinks; we love bars, you practically live in one. This magnetism between us can no longer be denied. So, we ask you to join us for a night of endless chatter, laughter, and shots. You're probably thinking… "Wait, I love shots, are they talking to me?" Yes. We are indeed. We're testing out Jägermeister's new app Jägerbonds with a night out on the town. Bar hopping San Francisco's best bars with a handful of strangers and closest frenemies for a good ole' time. Wait... Don't get dressed just yet. We need you to apply with a video message detailing why you'd make the best drinking buddy in all of San Francisco. Don't make it too long or seductive... That won't win you any favors. Upload your audition video below by June 6, 2014. What's in it for you? Our eternal friendship, the once in a lifetime experience of hanging out with people crazier than you, and drinks and nibbles on us. (We drink responsibly in the most fantastic way.) Obviously you have to be 21 and over to join. What are you waiting for? Get that videoapp rolling! Jägerbonds is Jägermeister's first mobile app available on Android and iOS devices, with a collaboration tool where friends can record videos and photos of your legendary night out to be stitched in to an epic music video with accompanying music by Fall Out Boy, The Eli Young Band, Paul Oakenfold and more. Details & Requirements: Drinking with 'The New Asterisk' Must be 21 and Over SF Bars will be our destination, so be local. Be fun. Naturally. Not Photo Shy. (Must be an expert Selfie Photographer) Must have an i0S/Android device. Obsessed with Craft Cocktails. Loves Everyone. We'll be hitting up ALL sorts of bars. Available to go for an adventure on a weeknight. The New Asterisk does not promote alcohol to persons under the age of 21. By applying for this promo you swear and affirm that you are over the age of 21. If chosen, your age will be validated before the event.