Menswear Dog
Menswear Dog Schools Us On Being A Gentleman
By Jeremy Joven
Published Apr 2015
If I were a dog, I’d want to be Bodhi, the internet’s most handsome Shiba Inu. Known to many as Menswear Dog, this dapper doggy has collected more likes than your top selfie, wasted more valuable work hours of people instagramming while at work, and is definitely the source of collective “awwws” heard around the world. As with most internet celebrities, furry or otherwise, their popularity is only as good as the next trending thing. Luckily for Bodhi, when browsing history has been cleared or overrun by new keywords, his collection of photos lives on in a new book immortalizing his impeccable style plus tips for any aspiring gentleman in need of some fashion guidance. He has commendable manners and an impeccable dresser, what’s more is he is loved by the ladies... You need him to show you how to be a proper gentleman. Meet Bodhi, the internet’s best dressed dog. QUICK! TAKE MY PICTURE!!! Have you ever tried to dress a dog? They absolutely loathe having layers wrapped around them. Some can be trained to love it, while other doggies just shake it all off in an instant. Bodhi, on the other hand, loves to play dress up. We asked his caretakers to tell us how they pull this feat off. Bodhi really looks like he loves dressing up! Does he enjoy getting his photo taken? How long does he hold his pose? Bodhi really loves to “mug” for the camera. We shower him with praise and attention (and spoonfuls of peanut butter) during photo shoots, so he associates the lights and camera with treats and fun. He’s an incredibly patient dog, but our shoots are also really quick—we try to really nail an outfit in under 10 minutes. It’s nice working with a pro like Bodhi who can hit his mark on the first take. You’ve recently been making the rounds for book signing with Bodhi, how’s that going? The launch of the book has been really fun. We have loved meeting some of the Menswear Dog fans in person, and making new ones along the way. Bodhi really feeds off the energy of the people around him, and he’s charmed everyone he meets at book signings. MORE LOVEABLE THAN YOU. Of course none of this would be possible without Bodhi’s caregivers, David Fung and Yena Kim, a couple from New York who originally started the whole thing. They posted a pic of Bodhi on Facebook wearing a cardigan and got way-more “likes” than they ever imagined. This got the stylish couple thinking about making a blog, and just like that, Menswear dog was born—a full-fledged fashion icon sporting the latest trends in men’s fashion. From basics, formal, and new classics, all suited for the modern man. The 150+ page book is swelling with informative fashion choices, tips, and photos of Menswear Dog of course that will truly stand the test of time. If a cute dog can’t teach you how to behave, dress for all occasions, and be adored by many, let’s hope you have other redeeming qualities, because you, my friend, just might be helpless. Pictured left: The classic white dress shirt needs no introduction—it is the glue that holds ensembles together, and one of the most versatile items in a gentleman’s wardrobe. Pictured Left: The short-sleeved button-down is probably one of the most misunderstood pieces in modern menswear (in large part because it is seldom worn in the correct size). The cut should be slim but roomy enough that you can move your arms with ease, and the sleeves should end mid-biceps (fold them up once or twice if they’re cut too long). Pictured left: Striking the right balance in summer between comfort and style is certainly a challenge. When in doubt, throw on a Panama hat to add a touch of sophistication to an otherwise casual outfit. All images and book cover provided by Menswear Dog Presents: The New Classics by David Fung and Yena Kim (Artisan Books). Copyright © 2015. Photographs by David Fung and Yena Kim.