Market Street Prototyping Festival
Market Street Prototyping Festival - April 9-11
By Jeremy Joven
Published Apr 2015
The Market Street Prototyping Festival is happening this week with a host of fantastical ideas to beautify Market Street, all geared to excite and engage pedestrians in a series of interactive installations designed by locals with a vision for a more vibrant city streets full of technology and artistry. From the Embarcadero to Civic center, divided in 5 districts; Civic Center, Central Market, Retail Heart, Financial District, and Embarcadero, over 40 installations will be on display from April 9-11. Featuring projects like Public Ping Pong tables, Urban Gardens, and Selfie Booths. A number of installations are technologically impressive like the “Meetwall”, a sensing-flexing wall that becomes more transparent as passersby get close revealing the other side of the installation. Others are adding a historical context where you are walking in place and time like “Ghost Flujos,” a remapping of historical creeks and waterways that used to flow around the streets of San Francisco. You will also find several sound-interactive installations sprinkled along the bustling streets along Market to add to the urban noise. Although several installations don’t exactly project the images represented in proposals, the prototypes give the viewer a peek at the experiences that may become mainstays on Market Street and who knows, perhaps even in other urban landscapes across the country. After this weekend’s festival, a small group of ideas will be selected to move from prototype to reality as part of the city’s Better Market Street initiative scheduled for 2018. The Market Street Prototyping Festival is sponsored by Autodesk, Dolby, SF Department of Environment, Wells Fargo and PG&E in partnership with YBCA. Take a walk downtown this weekend to experience the future of our city streets from 11-7pm. View the map here. Several installations are currently being assembled and may not be available for viewing.