Epic Night w/ Jagerbonds
An Epic Night out with The New Asterisk | Sponsored Post
By Jeremy Joven
Published Jul 2014
The night had a lot of promise as we ventured out to compose an epic night using Jägermeister’s app, JägerBonds. We planned nothing, as we knew that San Francisco nights can be serendipitous and random in the most wonderful way. Three folks from the New Asterisk met up with four readers all jazzed to have a fun night. At first we didn't know what to expect using JägerBonds. How does it compose our night in to one amazing video? We decided to not fret as we trust the app will work its magic. We can't start a night out without some bites so we headed to a neighborhood pub to enjoy some poutine and some libations. Followed by an exploration through an art gallery showing a risqué series of portraits to liven up the night. "Selfies! Selfies!" Exclaimed one of our guests. The night is officially started. It's time to explore the Mission, for some Latin flavor, Soma for some startup culture and Castro to celebrate Pride weekend. Our social media was blowing up with every single one taking shots and posting highlights from the night - still unknowing of what JägerBonds will stitch together. When the night was over - 6 hours of fun with strangers, now new friends, our video was ready. 36 seconds of sheer fun. The app is ideal for any occasion. A night out, a beach day, a weekend party and almost anything you can think of. Of course, it is all best enjoyed with a shot or two of Jägermeister. Try your hand at creating a bond. Download the app and start your epic night. Create your own Epic Night Video with JägerBonds by downloading the app.