If You Must Brunch
Three Picks for Brunch in San Francisco
By Jeremy Joven
Published Jun 2013
Brunch is a gay ritual. No, it’s church. We have so many options for brunch in the Castro, many with good (enough) food but with the annoying drunk, loud, and messy crowds downing too many flutes. The sidewalk becomes a place you should avoid on Sundays, and this coming Pride Weekend, it’s going to be murder… So we decided why not offer other choices for us gays to have loud, alcoholic (but civilized) brunch with your friends. Here are a three options near the STRO you should check out: Kitchen Story 3499 16th (at Sanchez) Kitchen Story is the latest addition to SF’s “Gay Brunch Scene,” with bottomless mimosas and Asian-fusion dishes just right around the Castro District. Most of their offerings look too good to eat, while some, taste better than they look. The trick is knowing what you really enjoy, and not just because it sounds inventive and fresh. Pictured to the left is the amazing-sounding “Mascarpone-Stuffed French Toast” - It has the makings of a great dish- but tends to be too much food for one person and sometimes too crunchy. That said, if you share plates with friends and cut it apart, and get your fill of mimosas you’ll have a ball. You can never go wrong with anything with rice at this place, like their Ribeye Omurice... scrambled eggs over jasmine rice, marinated ribeye, carrots, cherry pepper, spinach, scallions and demiglaze. Holy - Ah-Maze! Reservations accepted. Pomelo 1793 Church (at 30th) Pomelo’s been around for a while now, and I must say, I am incredibly impressed with their consistency. The menu is internationally themed, inspired by different cities around the world, and the flavors really do captivate the cuisine of the place it is named after. It’s not like a diner where you get a spanish omelet and know there is no way in hell they followed a traditional Tortilla Española recipe.. Pomelo doesn’t have unlimited Mimosas. It’s not that kind of place where you get trashed all day. This is a place to enjoy really good food with people you love. When you sit, they give you baby muffins that will give any bakery a run for his money. It’s so moist and delicious — you’ll end up wanting more. When brunching at Pomelo, try to go outside your comfort zone and order something you’ve never had before. The menu will open your eyes to a new world of flavor, and you’ll keep coming back. Mission Beach Cafe 198 Guerrero (at 14th) Everyone knows Mission Beach Cafe. We’ve all probably waited hours to sample the world’s best french toast (yes, it’s from Mission Beach Cafe). But it bares repeating—have brunch here! It’s well worth the wait. The menu changes often, and sometimes they put out a hit and a miss, but the staples are always so mouthwatering. The pastries to die for and the Mimosas thirst quenching. If there’s a Confit of any kind on the menu - you better get it. You’ll thank me later. When you can’t decide because everything sounds too good, you can never go wrong with one of Alan’s Quiche. O-M-G. Quiche me, please! Truffle fries complete any meal. One tip — try to arrive an hour before they open or an hour before they close. Or eat something before you go because you’ll go crazy waiting outside with nothing to nibble on.