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8 things our editors are totally into right now
By The New Asterisk
Published Nov 2013
8 Things Our Editors Love Now. Compiled by the new asterisk editors iPAD Mini (retina) The air is great and all but the slim little sister of iPad Air is a marvel to hold. Sleek, beautiful, & functional. Drool worthy. SOMA Water Filter This gorgeous water filter is a one-of-a-kind product designed with sustainability, philanthropy and style in mind... right here in San Francisco. Swell (App) All your favorite stories and news as audio content in one amazing app. Enjoy NPR and Ted Talks. Contagious (Book) A must-read to those who want to understand how ideas spread in our world. Rip Van Wafels Wafels in the Dutch Tradition made in SF? Sign me up! Try Rip Van Wafels with Earl Grey Tea or a Hot Almond Mocha. Computer History Museum Learn how it all started at this educational and fun museum. It’s just a quick drive to Mountain View from SF. SPECTRE SPECTRE Upcoming Album Must check out band CIRCA (App) News aggregator app with a great UI and iOS 7 enhanced design.