Silly Problems from around the world + Twitter Posts on #fwp
By Jeremy Joven
Published Mar 2014
It’s a bizzare concept: tweeting your trivial problems, almost always bragging about how good you have it. Though some people seriously think their personal #fwp first-world problems are real issues worth discussing, others do it just for kicks. We’ve added a selection of make-believe #FWP’s from current conditions in 16 different cities worldwide—inspired by a collection of posts from friends and other tweets—plus actual tweets from users of Twitter tagging #fwp. Sometimes in life, you have to laugh at terrible things to see a different perspective. Send us your best #fwp post at editor@tnamag.com San Francisco, CA Our free gourmet lunch at the StartUp sucked today! The service staff forgot forks and plates! We had to eat the Amuse Bouche with cocktail napkins!@rothmana The quinoa in the fridge is taking up space where my hand-crafted beer goes. #groundsforadivorce? #firstworldproblems New York City, NY I could only afford to buy one pair of Manolo Blahniks because I’m going to France next month... I work SO HARD to have these kind of problems.@theycallmeyoko Nail lady messed up my French tips. Now my nails look like lumpy sausages.#firstworldproblems Los Angeles, CA The Tanning Salon is closed on Monday and I desperately need a tan—it’s too sunny out and the beach is 30 mins away@MrBadButt I hate that my family owns so many fucking cars coz I gotta move em and shit. #firstworldproblems @DOREENBSIMON IT’S NOT THAT I CAN’T DO MY OWN HAIR AND NAILS IT’S THAT I LIKE WHEN PEOPLE DO IT FOR ME. #firstworldproblems Chicago, IL Don’t you hate it when it’s snowing hardcore and your towncar can’t pick you up right at your penthouse door? @missjane_va So according to the calendar it’ll soon be Spring. I want the warm weather but I don’t want to have to shave my legs. #FirstWorldProblems Austin, TX My butt hurts so much from sitting on my wad of $100 bills bulging out of my recycled paper wallet. @SillyCristina They put my VIP band on too tight. #firstworldproblems #SXSW @NashZachary My wallet has so many bills in it that it’s stuck in like the shape of like a 45 degree angle. #firstworldproblems Seattle, WA I already wore this leather jacket at last week’s music festival—what if the same people see me wearing it again? @danelyandrea Either someone needs to start paying me to go to concerts or I’m just gonna have to suck it up and miss a few shows. #firstworldproblems