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Works by Artist Claudia Biçen

Art | Sausalito Art Festival

A Ferry Ride to Art & Culture by the Shore

Jeremy Joven Editor in Chief

by Jeremy Joven
Published September 1, 2018 | TNA Online

(Photo above shows works by artists Jonah Ward, Audrey Heller, and Andre Mirzaian).

Works by Artist Claudia Biçen

Whenever I feel like I need a recharge, I jump on the Ferry to Sausalito and take in the view of SF from the other side. The ride taking less than 30 minutes almost instantly transports my stresses to another plane, as I feel the breeze of the bay. Once I arrive in the colorful coastal town of Sausalito; salty air, the hum of international languages all mingling, and the vibrant hillside homes gleaming with the sun and water I am suddenly relaxed and ready for an adventure.

This weekend is not unusual for this artsy town, but it is extra-special with hundreds of artists showing their works outdoors. Painters, photographers, sculptors and even digital artists from all over the country convene by the sea, meeting art lovers, old friends and new, with live music buzzing and excitement flowing with the breeze. It is festive! Indeed, it is the 66th year of Sausalito Art Festival.

Browsing through the artists participating got me all excited to see the new works of Bay Area artists Jonah Ward & Audrey Heller; LA based printmaker Andre Mirzaian and many others in what is an undeniably idyllic setting for art collecting. A chance to actually get to know the artists rather than the gallerist representing them.

Audrey Heller, Artist

"This show brings some of the best independent artists from around the country. It's a very special type of person who travels with their artwork. They're adventurous and creative and entrepreneurial and usually very fun. All of the artists are here, so you meet the creators, not a distant representative. There's an enormous variety, from jewelry to large scale sculpture. It's energizing for me to show alongside some artists I really admire. I have met terrific collectors here; people who are genuinely looking interested in building a collection where they have a connection to the artist." shares Audrey Heller, a longtime Festival artist.

San Francisco streets are quieter than usual with thousands off to the desert and others grilling to celebrate the end of summer, so to those in the city with no plans, why not escape to Sausalito and get a little culture? Did I mention Jazz, Americana and Rock Bands? There's food too, at the festival and at a number of fine restaurants by the shore.

VIP day passes are $100 with General Admission at $30. The festival starts at 10am-7pm Saturday and Sunday and 10am-5pm on Monday. See you in Sausalito!

Festival Info
250 award-winning artists from around the country and some 25,000 patrons flock to the waterfront village of Sausalito, California, on Labor Day weekend each year for the annual Sausalito Art Festival. Participating artists are selected by a rigorous jury process and exhibit a range of work, including painting, sculpture, drawing, ceramics, glass, fiber and fashion, wood, photography, mixed media and more.

The Festival is produced by the nonprofit Sausalito Art Festival Foundation, which supports year-round activities along with the annual Festival. Proceeds from the Festival support the local arts community as student scholarships, grants to non-profit arts organizations and community programs. Each year, over 1,500 community volunteers help keep the Festival running smoothly.

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