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A Global Print and Online Culture Magazine, Through San Franciscan Sensibilities

Bi-Monthly Print Magazine | Daily Online Content

Since first coming up with the idea for ASTERISK four years ago, we’ve learned a lot about ourselves, our culture, and our city. More than ever, we believe that San Francisco is the best city in the world, that focusing on the things that make it great inspires and invites even more greatness. With enjoyment at the forefront of our mission and pretension left behind, ASTERISK has successfully highlighted the city in a unique way. Beyond that, we’ve also learned that being a San Franciscan has a lot to do with connectedness, compassion, admiration, and celebration beyond the city’s 49 square miles.

We’re taking what we’ve learned and are presenting San Francisco to a whole new world of admirers... global culture through san franciscan sensibilities - Articles and photo essays in each issue will be of interest if you have the heart of a San Franciscan—wherever you are in the world. This means our content can relate to a local even if the subject is in Bogotá or the Mission District.

Who we are
San Francisco inspires the new asterisk from cover to cover. Like the diverse districts of SF, the magazine represents a multicultural, dynamic community of writers, photographers, and storytellers, from locals in the Mission District to journalists from around the globe.

We seek great experiences, we believe everyone has a fascinating story to tell, we adore art and design, we believe in building community, depth and meaning is important to us, and we believe that by positively contributing to the dialogue, we help shape a culture that is as sustainable, diverse, free-spirited, and as beautiful as San Francisco.

A Thriving Niche in The Paper Medium
The bold new world of publishing requires a new thinking fit for an intellectually inclined millenial readership. The New Asterisk is a publication up to the task with culturally diverse content in short and long form with an array of artistic approaches that resonate with the web generation.

Our curation is a mirror of today’s fast changing trends, with an original take that is shareable and consumable in the fast-paced world of web while paying tribute to the effective slow-consumption of traditional magazines.

The New Asterisk is experimental, challenges the status quo, and promotes social awareness in an impeccable way - making it a magazine sought after by art enthusiasts, activists, young entrepreneurs, and culture aficionados.

San Francisco inspires The New Asterisk from cover to cover, bringing the fabled city’s sensibilities through the exploration of global culture, a positively forward-thinking, powerfully visual, and increasingly on demand bi-monthly publication available in 5 countries and 300 cities in the U.S. alone.

75% Content 25% Adverts Ratio | Starting at 80+ pages per issue Premium Cover embellishments in 100 lb. uncoated recycled paper covers and 70 lb. uncoated interior text stock for a fantastic feel.

Founded in 2009 as Asterisk San Francisco Publications LLC


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Some exciting things are happening at The New Asterisk HQ. We are getting ready to give you daily culture! That's right! Get ready to learn something new to expand your life with compassion.