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Creative Minute #5 | Mira Sadi Jewels - Mira Sadi

Harmoniously powerful, and yet elegant jewelry with purpose.

by Nathan Ardaiz
Published February 12, 2016

A prominent female voice once described freedom in several forms - subtle resistance, the control over one’s fate, and the feeling of belonging no matter where one roams. That voice was Maya Angelou.

These are the same forms and freedoms that come through in the creations and stories of another strong female voice - this one from West London - her name is Mira Sadi of Mira Sadi Jewels.

There is real strength and grit in Sadi’s creations; work that is graceful and elegant, and yet largely offbeat. Her jewelry is probably not any “black sheep” in the fashion world, as she describes herself - a strong minded, and outspoken women from the Middle East; “Middle East” because her journey is too dynamic and expansive to settle on a single origin.

Sadi uses the word “timeless” to describe her pieces, as well as her intention. Timeless is an appropriate word, because it speaks to a mentality of how one approaches the day; it’s about how one imagines one’s self in the fashion milieu of the city, and how one aspires to patronize things that last.

Her purpose is no stronger felt than through her “Fashion with a Conscience” campaign, which donates 100% of its profits to The Palestine Children's Relief Fund (PCRF) - a cause that is near and dear to her heart.

The shiny silver and gold of her work speaks to the princes and princesses of the West End - those interested in expressing their subtle resistance through the work of one who truly controls her own fate.

Mira Sadi Jewels

232 Kings Road

London, SW3 5UA

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