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Creative Minute #1 | Artist Gabriela Cobar

An Artists' Creative Process in One Minute

by Jeremy Joven
Published November 6, 2015

Creativity comes in many forms. One of the most common is painting. Like most artists, Gabriela finds joy in her art. She is able to relax her worried mind and explore her feelings through her creation of art. Her process is a meditational dance coupled with soul-shaking music, body movements and riveting concentration. Her series "Fragmentation" truly exemplifies the creative process that embodies the spirit of an artist.

In order to channel our most creative selves, we must fight against the distractions of our day to day and focus on our goals. Mistakes are a natural occurance and is to be celebrated! As Gabriela relates, mistakes are scary, fun and exciting and in the end brings us to where we need to be.

See more of Gabriela Cobar's work on her website at

Love your mistakes. This has been Creative Minute.
Stay Creative.


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