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For the Love of San Francisco

Gallery: For the love of San Francisco

A New Art Exhibit at Asterisk SF Gallery about Gentrification

Jeremy Joven Editor in Chief

by Jeremy Joven
Published March 14, 2015

The show opens March 14, 2015 - 7-10pm at Asterisk SF Gallery on 3156 24th Street. On display through April 3.

For the Love of San Francisco, a group show curated by artist Solis showcases a contrast of opinions and takes on the city’s most controversial issue - gentrification. It’s not everyday that 6 people with differing views on the changes in San Francisco’s landscape and culture get together to start conversations for a better collective future.

The works of artists Ayala, Gomez, Solis, Eclair Bandersnatch, Fischer, and Mann; though varying in styles and subject matter tie a cohesive thread with the topic at heart… loving San Francisco. It is integral to our lives as citizens of the city by the Bay to take part in the conversations that will shape the future of San Francisco and it is comforting to know that people in SF have not given up on the city’s soul. We continue to fight for and against change, strive to make each voice heard, and in the end it hopefully all counts for something more than just rhetoric; something to truly affect the changes that are unraveling in the city.

For the Love of San Francisco is a fantastic example of the diversity that we all love about our city - with a range of talent, vision, and styles that exemplify the true qualities of the city we adore.

To further the exploration of the show’s topic - we present a video with each artist discussing their personal views on change and gentrification - all rooted in their undying passion for the happiness of every citizen now residing in the city, those who had to leave, and those who will come in the future.


Short Trailer below.

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